Simple Supper | Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

spaghetti aglio e olio

Oh my, has it been a doozy of a week. We had a major plumbing debacle in our home, leaving us without water (save for one bathroom) and necessitating countless hours of incredibly unpleasant work. Physically exhausting, yes, but emotionally exhausting too as I was faced with sorting through dozens and dozens of boxes containing my mother’s belongings. I just wasn’t ready. Continue reading “Simple Supper | Spaghetti Aglio e Olio”

Summer Sweet | Blackberry Brown Sugar Crumble Bars

Blackberry Brown Sugar Crumble Bars

The first time I tested this recipe, I tried using only fresh blackberries and they were good yet frustratingly a bit too sour. Terrific with ice cream, of course, but not perfect on their own. Enter blackberry jam. The combination of fresh, tart berries with sweet jam nestled into the buttery dough allowed the bars to stand deliciously alone. Continue reading “Summer Sweet | Blackberry Brown Sugar Crumble Bars”