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It’s no mystery why spritzes are the darlings of Italian aperitivo (similar to American happy hour). With their effervescent nature and low-alcohol content, merrymakers can enjoy a spritz or two and feel refreshed and relaxed without stumbling into the dinner hour. I mentioned in last week’s post that we mixed up a batch of Aperol spritzes for recent guests before sitting down to a summery risotto, so this week I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

Aperol is a classic Italian apéritif that looks like a fiery sunset and tastes of mandarin orange, spices, and pleasantly bitter herbs with a kiss of rhubarb. And when mixed with prosecco and a spritz of sparkling water (hence the name), it is positively addicting. I don’t know how many warm summer evenings we have left, but enjoying one of these will be a part of my weekend ritual until sweater weather sets in.


Aperol Spritz

serves one

  • 3 ounces chilled prosecco
  • 2 ounces chilled Aperol
  • orange peel or orange wheel
  • 1 splash sparkling water or club soda

Pour prosecco into a wine or rocks glass with large ice cubes, add the Aperol, then top with orange peel or orange wheel and sparkling water.

In this post: hand-blown blue glassware by Laguna B for Moda Operandi; clear bodega glass (holding orange peel) by Bormilio Rocco, Food52; mixing glass (holding Aperol), Williams-Sonoma; white woven ceramic platter, vintage. 



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