Welcome to fletcher + fork. Thank you for coming to this space, where I delightedly share with you the recipes, images and stories from my kitchen and beyond. Throughout my life, I’ve worked for galleries, museums and a fine art auction house. I’ve studied education and spent time in wardrobe consulting. I’ve been a full-time volunteer. I am now a mother (two teenagers + a hound), a spouse, a writer, an amateur photographer and a passionate entertainer. My one and only constant throughout has been the joy of cooking.

My happiest childhood memories involve gathering around the family table, sharing stories while tucking into a cozy supper. I learned to cook by shadowing my mother and grandmothers in their kitchens and gardens, watching them lovingly coax meals from simple ingredients. Though my cooking today is admittedly more adventurous and global than what I experienced growing up, my foundations are firmly rooted in those lessons. Most importantly, they taught me that nourishing others is an essential act of love.

My Grandmother Fletcher had an enormous organic garden where we dug new potatoes from the earth and snipped greens for our salads. The dark fragrant soil, rich with compost and earth worms, still lingers enchantingly in my mind. She taught me the great importance, long before it was fashionable, of knowing where our food comes from and what goes into it. My Grandmother Porter was an incredible baker and a savvy, no-frills cook of Austrian German descent. She loved to tell stories of my great-grandmother spending hours rolling paper-thin apple strudel dough each week only to have her six children devour it in mere moments. She also mentioned, almost every time she prepared roast chicken, that her mother would never eat a chicken she hadn’t killed herself.

Many summers were spent sailing in Canada where we fished bass and northern pike from the crystal clear waters of the Georgian Bay and rowed our dinghy to moss and lichen covered rocks, foraging for wild blueberries. Living here on the North Shore of Chicago, my life looks nothing like that now, though I still pick up a fishing pole when the rare opportunity presents itself, and maintain a modest organic home garden. Most of our food comes from local markets where I try my best to source regional, organic, humanely and sustainably raised ingredients, and from them I create healthy meals and worthy indulgences. My hope is that my recipes will become your recipes, and that you’ll gather with joy around your table.