Dahlia Dinner + fletcher & fork’s first video

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I’ve missed having company! Between the frenetic pace of my former job as editor-in-chief of a lifestyle magazine (this September issue was my last) and COVID-19, our gatherings had become infrequent at best. Now—with a blissfully more relaxed schedule—I have time for cooking, puttering around the yard, and entertaining. Dahlias also happen to be in season now, which provided a fantastic reason for a dinner party: celebrating these flamboyant favorites from the garden.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter weekend, all! Right now I am fluffing the house, excitedly awaiting the arrival of our son and daughter to celebrate both the holiday and our daughter’s acceptance to NYU / Tisch School of the Arts. It is a dream come true for her and we could not be happier.

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hyacinth + vintage vessel = chic, simple arrangement

Flowering bulbs are the great harbingers of spring, beginning with small-but-mighty crocuses and snowdrops pushing through the last vestiges of snow, hinting at what’s to come. As the season progresses and the soil warms, muscari, hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips follow in their footsteps. I’ve spied the last three in local markets recently, all vying for the attention of shoppers seeking a shot of spring of color.

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Spode flower plates + anemones + Deborah Madison’s Black Rice with Mixed Beets Salad

I fell hard for these vintage Spode plates while antiquing in Three Oaks, Michigan last fall … but in a rare move, I reined in my impetuousness and did not buy them. Thanksgiving was around the corner and another set of plates by Wedgwood—equally beautiful but decidedly autumnal in a mustard, brown, and aubergine palette—felt like the better choice. So I left with those, reminding myself that I have almost as many floral motif plates as I do striped shirts and sweaters. But I could not stop thinking of the Spode beauties, with their modern feeling, oversized florals and simple rims, each depicting a different flower.

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Forest and Bluff Feature + Setting an Elegant Table

April 2018 Issue of Forest & Bluff

Landing on the April 2018 cover of Forest and Bluff was an absolute honor! Magazine editor Sherry Thomas and photographer Monica Kass Rogers recently spent the day in our home, highlighting the dinner Tim and I are hosting for Ragdale’s cornerstone benefit, Novel Affair (we’re thrilled to have Novel Affair guests, including acclaimed authors Curtis Sittenfeld and Megan Stielstra, in our home for the April 28th event!). It was such a fun day and I feel incredibly lucky to have met and worked with these two extraordinary women. Additional photos and the full article where we discuss the dinner and much more, can be found hereContinue reading “Forest and Bluff Feature + Setting an Elegant Table”