Guinness Braised Beef, Fletcher + Fork

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner | Guinness Braised Beef with Colcannon

Chicagoans take St. Patrick’s Day seriously. Irish, until recently, was estimated to be the top ancestry of our great city. Tomorrow morning the Chicago River will be dyed green and 800,000 people will gather to observe the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade (fun fact: Harrison Ford running through the parade as Dr. Kimble in The Fugitive was entirely unscripted and shot with a hand-held cam – with the mayor’s permission, of course). Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Dinner | Guinness Braised Beef with Colcannon”

Revised Classic | Homemade Big Macs with Special Sauce


A few years ago during an outing to Little Goat Diner, our daughter Hannah ordered the All-American Burger – complete with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun.  Everyone at the table tried it and loved it, so I decided to surprise them with a version we could enjoy at home. I started by Googling “Big Mac Special Sauce,” and there it was – the original recipe. But gack! It was pre-bottled, sugary, preservative-laden stuff. Consequently, I set about making a healthier version (and by healthier I do not mean low-fat, simply not so processed) that would still taste like the real deal. It was an instant hit both at home and on my lifestyle site, the aesthete and the dilettante, where I originally published the recipe. Fire up your grills and prepare for smiles! Extra points if you whip up strawberry milkshakes. Continue reading “Revised Classic | Homemade Big Macs with Special Sauce”